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Read the Digital Edition with iBooks

The iBooks app is great way to read digital books and PDF files on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Here's our indispensable guide to enjoying the AUTOSPORT Digital Edition on Apple's popular range of devices. iPad

The PDF file of each AUTOSPORT Digital Edition issue is the ideal way to catch up with the latest motorsport news on your Apple device. A recent update to the iBooks app allows it to manage and display PDF files alongside more traditional eBooks, using iTunes to help sync content from a desktop computer in a similar manner to music files.

Due to the large size of the Digital Edition PDFs, attempting to read them using Safari on the device can result in slow downloads and unexpected behaviour. The best way to get the files on to your device is to follow this guide and sync to iBooks using iTunes.

This process requires version 1.1 or greater of iBooks, which is a free download from the App Store. iBooks requires iOS 4 on the iPhone and iPod Touch. You will also need a recent version of iTunes.

The third-party GoodReader app is also available with similar functionality and also supports a direct download of PDF files from the web.

The web-based version of the AUTOSPORT Digital Edition is not currently compatible with devices running Apple's iOS operating system due to the lack of support for Adobe's Flash technology, which the page turning software is based on.

Read the PDF in five easy steps


1. Download the AUTOSPORT Digital Edition PDF to your computer. The file should be saved somewhere memorable, such as the Desktop, so you can easily find it for subsequent steps.

2. Open iTunes and click the Books item in your library. If Books is not shown, ensure you have the latest iTunes and check in preferences that Books is enabled where you have the option to toggle the display for various types of library content.

3. Drag the downloaded PDF file on to the Books page of your iTunes library. The issue will then be imported into iTunes.

4. Connect your Apple iOS device and click on it in iTunes. On the Books tab, ensure it is set to sync all books or alternatively that the individual issue you wish to sync to device is selected.

5. Click Sync and your files will be transferred to the device. Once the sync is complete, launch iBooks to enjoy the latest issue of AUTOSPORT Digital Edition, which can be found by clicking the PDFs button in the navigation bar.